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Title Topics Region Published
An Earthquake at Lake Sarez in 2004 Dam Safety Tajikistan January 2004
Aral Sea Energy, IWRM, Climate Change , Transboundary Water Management, Dam Safety Central Asia January 2012
Aral Sea Basin Transboundary Water Management, Environment Central Asia January 2012
Aral sea basin program 3 Transboundary Water Management, Energy, Glaciology, IWRM, Environment, Climate Change , Dam Safety Central Asia January 2011
Aral Sea Project for Central Asia Transboundary Water Management Central Asia January 2014
Aral Sea Reborn - earthrise Transboundary Water Management Kazakhstan January 2012
Aral Sea: The sea that dried up in 40 years - BBC News in Kazakh language with English subtitles Environment, Transboundary Water Management Central Asia February 2015
ASHGABAT 2018 BIRD'S - EYE VIEW (PART1) Infrastructure Turkmenistan January 2017
Berlin Process Transboundary Water Management, IWRM Central Asia January 2012
Bullet Train Tashkent,Tashkent to Samarkand train Infrastructure Uzbekistan January 2013
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