Agreement Between Central Asian Republics On Cooperation in the Field of Joint Water Resources Management and Conservation of Interstate Sources

Alma-Ata, 1992
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February 1992
legal document
Central Asia


The Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, hereinafter called the Parties, 

  • Guided by the necessity of approved and organized solution of the problems of joint management of water of interstate sources, and in further pursuance of agreed policy of economic development and raising of the peoples’ standard of living;
  • Based on the historical community of peoples living on the territory of the Republics, their equal rights and responsibility for providing rational use and protection of water resources;
  • Recognizing the unbreakable interdependence and relationship of the interests of all the Republics in solving problems of joint use of water resources on the basis of common principles for the whole region and equitable regulation of their consumption;
  • Considering that only unification and joint coordination of action will create favorable conditions for solving social and economic problems, will allow mitigation and stabilization of ecological stresses, which originated as a consequence of water resources depletion, and taking into account that in the Republic of Tajikistan there is a disproportionate amount of irrigated land per capita, and recognizing possible increase in water supply for irrigated agriculture;
  • Respecting the existing pattern and principles of water allocation, and based on acting regulations of water allocation from interstate sources, the parties agreed as follows:


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