Head of the Ministry of Emergency situations suggests to be ready for the consequences of global warming in Kazakhstan

Head of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency situations Vladimir Bozhko, during the Government session shared his worry about atmosphere and oceans warming. As he told, in the summary for the politicians, prepared by the UN experts group on climate change analysis, which was provided by Ministry of environment and water resources, verbatim: "Atmosphere and ocean are getting warmer, snow and glassier are shortening, ocean level increased, greenhouse gases concentration are becoming higher. In the northern hemisphere years of 1982-2012, probably, were the warmest 30-years period in the last 1400 years." As the same expert says, "the number of the dry lands where intensive precipitation amount increased, are more than the number of dry lands where its number became less." It was increased in the Europe, in America, in our neighbours', in Russia, and in Ural as well, - mentioned Minister.

Information: Agency Ka