Aral Sea Basin Program Agency (ASBPA)

Mission, Vision, Strategy

The mission of ASBPA design und implement projects in order to use existing water resources in Central Asia more effectively and efficiently, and to improve the environmental and socio-economic situation in the Aral Sea Basin. ASBPA also serves as a platform for a dialogue among the countries of Central Asia, as well as the international community in the fields of transboundary water resurces management and climate change..

The overall mission of ASBPA is to advise project partners on best practices of water use and thereby to serve the people of the Aral Sea Basin.

Its vision is to improve regional cooperation and improve the living conditions of the people of Central Asia.

The overall strategy of ASBP is to implement projects as they were identified in the Aral Sea Basin Program 3.

Aral Sea Basin Program Agency (ASBPA)